Owner & Head Recruiter – Stan Karbowiak

Stan has over 20 years experience in HR Recruitment in the sport of Ice Hockey and Not-For-Profit field. He has built Human Resources departments from the ground up. An expert in finding the right employee for the Job. Stan has hired hundreds of employees in both the Ice Hockey field and Not-for-Profit field. He has worked as a Player Agent for 10 years and an HR Manager for 5 years, as well as a 360 Recruiter for many years.


Human Resources Manager

Social Worker


Payroll & Benefits


Player Agent

Ice Hockey Scout


Web Developer

Customer Relations Management (CRM) data intelligence expert

Internet researcher

I look forward to helping candidates secure the job, and help Employer’s get the best person for the Job.


Stan Karbowiak

Founder, Owner, President and Head Recruiter at Ice Hockey Jobs Recruitment Agency